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Technical Capabilities
Standard Advanced
 Materials FR4 150 Tg, High Tg (180 Tg)  laminates and prepregs, Rogers RO4350, Polyimide, Panasonic MEG4  Al-MCPCB (Bergquist)
 Panel 18"x24" -
 Multilayer Up to 24 layers  24+ layers
     Blind via yes yes
     Via in pad yes yes
     Buried via yes yes
     Min. innerlayer thickness 0,075mm 0,050mm
     Min. dielectric thickness 0,075mm 0,050mm
     Max./Min. total thickness          0,2 / 3,8 mm  on request
     X-ray registration yes yes
    Min. mechanical hole diameter      0,15 mm -
     Max. mechanical hole diameter   6,35 mm -
     Min. PTH diameter 0,10 mm  -
    Controlled depth drilling yes -
     Aspect ratio 12:01 15:01
 Max. Copper Plating Thickness Up to 4Oz  on request
 Image  Semi aut. exposure units with CCD registration.   -
Up to 15 microns positioning accuracy. -
     Min. line-space (inner and outerlayer)               0,075mm (3 mils)  0,050 mm (2 mils) 
     Min.  BGA pitch 0,4 mm -
     Solder resist Taiyo HFX and Electra solder resist. Solder out. -
 Surface finishing ENIG, automatic line. -
 Electrical Test Flying probe, 5000 tps/min -
Min. pitch  4 mils -
Min. pad  2 mils -


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